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Updates to
Hiking Nevada’s County High Points


After the publication of Hiking Nevada's County High Points, many changes occurred. Some of these items were new pieces of information, while others came about as a result of nature or man-made improvements. Some of the most important changes relate to Desatoya Peak, Charleston Peak, East Peak, NE Ridge of Middle Sister, Mount Grant, and Star Peak. 


Churchill County—Desatoya Peak 

June 2015 - The extended rains from May and June of this year caused significant erosion to the Edwards Creek Road. High clearance is strongly recommended for the last 2.5 miles of the drive and 4WD may be needed at any time to reach Basque Summit.

On July 2, 2014, a wildfire began on Desatoya Peak probably due to a lightning strike. The estimated size of the fire was 100-200 acres and was not far to the southwest of the summit. The fire was contained shortly thereafter and the peak is once again hikeable from Basque Summit.

Summer 2010 - A few folks have reported driving about a 1/2 mile beyond Basque Summit, to a point where the road becomes very steep and washed out.  

Page 38 - At 4.0 miles you pass over a cattle guard. The meadow here is to the left, not to the right.


Clark County—Charleston Peak

As of early August 2013, Charleston Peak has re-opened after the Carpenter Fire. However, you can only access it via the North Loop trail, starting from either the Trail Canyon or North Loop trailheads. All other routes (including the South Loop Trail) remain closed. [No change to this status as of July 2015.]

Visit the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area website for more information.

Summer 2012 - There is now a sign 20.3 miles up the Kyle Canyon Road indicating “Trail Canyon” and “Mary Jane Falls”. After turning right here (onto Echo Road) and driving up the road 0.4 miles, paved Echo Road veers right. Here on the left side of the road is the new Trail Canyon Trailhead, a large graded parking lot with bathrooms. You can still drive up the road another 0.2 miles to the original trailhead, however the new trailhead is much nicer and is preferred. There is also a new 0.2 mile connector trail starting at the new trailhead. The new Trail Canyon Trailhead can also be utilized for the hike to Mary Jane Falls.


Douglas County—East Peak 

October 2012 - The Tahoe Rim Trail Association has completed the "Kingsbury Bypass", two new segments in the Daggett Pass area (east of South Lake Tahoe). As such, there is a new segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail which starts at the Stagecoach ski run parking lot. The old trail starting here that went up the ski run for 200 feet has now been removed. Instead hikers should follow the Tahoe Rim Trail for a 1/2 mile until they reach a trail junction. At this junction, turn right (west), which is marked for Kingsbury North and the Van Sickle Trail. After hiking west for about 1/3 of a mile, you'll encounter the well-used dirt road.  Here turn left and uphill on the dirt road, to continue following the instructions on page 54 of Hiking Nevada's County High Points.

There is a Heavenly Ski Resort ski lift open from July 4th to Labor Day that transports people to within 1/2 mile of the summit of East Peak.   


Elko County—Ruby Dome 

If you are planning a trip to Ruby Dome, be sure to contact the Spring Creek Association to get the latest update on access.

The urls for the Spring Creek Association are: 
Spring Creek Association:
Contact Us:

The elevation for Ruby Pyramid is 11,360’. This peak is sometimes referred to as “Ruby Dome, East Peak.”  


Esmeralda County—Boundary Peak 

The Trail Canyon Road is in good shape and is usable for 2WD vehicles.

The Queen Canyon Road is in rough shape due to recurring storm damage so high clearance 4WD is recommended. Some 2WD vehicles may still be able to get to the Queen Mine shaft at elevation 9000'.

The correct round trip gain for the hike from Queen Canyon Saddle is 3500’.

Trail Peak is sometimes referred to as “Trail Canyon Saddle Peak”.  


Eureka County—Diamond Peak 

The “Dump” road in the town of Eureka now has different signage. The sign for the dump now says “Dump Site”. The street sign at that corner says Reno Avenue and Country Road 101.  


Lyon County—Northeast Ridge of Middle Sister 

Fall 2013 - The south spur of the Risue Road is now signed as "4205D". The north spur of the Risue Road and the main road are signed as "42050". After driving another 3.0 miles west from the spur junction, turn left (southwest) onto the final segment, which is now signed "4205E". The final 1.1 miles up 4205E was damaged in September 2013 by severe thundershowers, and most hikers should just park at the start of it and walk the remaining distance to road's end. High clearance 4WD may continue up the rocky and rutted road for 1.1 miles to the corral & trailhead.


Mineral County—Mount Grant 

Hiking access to Mount Grant has been restored! Check out the April 23 blog entry for more details.

The 2015 Mount Grant 9/11 Memorial Challenge (hiker & runner access day) took place on Saturday September 12, 2015, and was very successful with almost 100 people attending.  For more information on next year's event, please visit http://www.911challenge.org/.


Nye County—Mount Jefferson 

Summer/Fall 2013 - Brush mitigation is occuring in Meadow Canyon. Be sure to drive cautiously and watch for USFS vehicles and equipment.

The correct elevation for Mount Jefferson is 11,941’. 

The sign “Jefferson Summit” at the turn 7.5 miles up the Meadow Canyon Road is missing.  


Pershing County—Star Peak  

October 2015 - There are "No Trespassing" signs in 3 locations along the connector road running from the Frontage Road to Eldorado Canyon. These signs refer to the geothermal equipment and facilities to either side of the road, not the road itself. Do not camp or park in this area, just pass on through.

Summer 2012 - There has been an increase in mining truck traffic on the frontage road along Interstate 80. Drive cautiously and yield to larger or faster vehicles.  

Low clearance vehicles may want to stop at 5.9 miles, where the approach road drops down into Eldorado Canyon. But most decent clearance vehicles can make it to the old mining camp at 7.9 miles, assuming dry conditions.  

There are reports that that the 4WD road above the old mining camp is drivable for a mile or two beyond. High clearance is mandatory.   


Storey County—Mount Davidson 

February 2015 - The south approach to Virginia City via NV SR 341 and NV SR 342 has been closed at Gold Hill due to a sinkhole. You can still take NV SR 341 north to the junction with 342, but from there you must stay on 341, which is a longer and more winding road.

As an alternate, one can also approach Virginia City from the east, from Dayton, via the Sixmile Canyon Road (NV SR 79).


White Pine County—Wheeler Peak 

The Wheeler Peak Trail is sometimes open for hiking by Memorial Day, and is almost always open by late June. For more information and current conditions, check the Great Basin National Park website.