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Maps for
Hiking Nevada’s County High Points

There are many different viewpoints today about hiking maps. Do you buy a topographic map(s) for your hike to the peak, or do you buy software and print a custom map of your route? Can you navigate sufficiently well with a map & compass, or do you purchase a GPS to go along with those? Or do you buy a GPS device that comes with maps inside of it? The mind fairly well boggles at all of the options.

Realistically, it all comes down to personal preference.

If you want to purchase paper topo maps, then Google is your friend. There are numerous companies that will sell and ship you paper maps, including custom maps you've created yourself. 

The United States government sells maps via the USGS Store. There are enough maps here to satisfy all needs.

Another web site worthy of a visit is MapSport. They have an index page for all of the state topos, and you can then browse down to find the map you seek.

Another excellent site is MyTopo. If you want a map app for your smart phone, check out the Trimble Outdoors Navigator, which has a free trial. There is a MyTopo Map Pass, which lets you create and print custom maps from your computer, for a yearly subscription fee. There is also a state by state mapping software for your computer, Terrain Navigator Pro. This software includes aerial photos.

Speaking of mapping software, many of us really enjoyed the state-by-state National Geographic Topo! series. Unfortunately, that line of products has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the AllTrails Pro subscription service, which gives you maps for the entire country for a yearly fee.

To see the terrain, Google Earth is another great tool to use for pre-hike reconnaisance. It is one thing to look at a map, but looking down onto the area of your hike can oftentimes reveal some interesting tidbits - like roads that the map says are there, but really aren't. A googling of "satellite earth maps" will reveal many other web sites with aerial imagery.